You only experience this exact moment, once in your life. Be sure you can treasure it forever by having us capture it.

When I tell people I am a birth photographer I usually get cringes with the following statement "WHY, on God's earth would I want photos of that? I don't ever want to see myself like that!"

Well, let me tell you. First, you might think your hair's a mess or your all sweaty and tired. Hey, your pushing a human out of you! Who wouldn't look tired! Let me tell you what we see. A powerful woman creating life.

Birth photography is such a unique and beautiful experience. I always tell my clients we are there to capture emotions and precious memories that fade over time.

The moment dad sees his baby for the first time and that awe inspiring look he gives his amazing partner. The moment your loosing all the energy and you say "I can't do this, put it back in!" And your midwife tells you to reach down and feel your baby's head crowning for the first time.

A grandparent's or sibling's excitement as they meet your newest addition for the first time.

The first time your tiny bundle of joy latches on for milk.

All of these important 3-5 seconds that fade away in your memories over time.

When you look at the emotions caught on camera you forget about the sideways lop bun on top of your head or the bags under your eyes.

Birth photography is not made for everyone and that is okay too!

We can cater your package around what is right for you!

I like to get to know my beautiful clients and what their expectations are for their birth experience, but I also know birth can be very unpredictable. I have taken courses and am very knowledgeable with the emergencies that can happen while delivering!

I take pride in knowing where to be during all stages of labour and delivery so your hard working team doesn't need to worry about us being in the way!

If you are thinking birth photography might be right for you or your loved one let's sit down, have a tea and chat about it!

XO Courtney

Vaginal delivery?
No matter how a baby is brought into this world,
it's a special delivery.”

Pricing & Packages


45 minute session
5 digtial images of your choice



On call photographer from 36 weeks onward
Active labour
Up to 1 hour after birth
Aprox 100 digital images


Fresh 24/48

First reactions
lifestyle newborn
1 hour session
All edited images from session


Deluxe Delivery

Maternity session
Birth session
Fresh 24/48


Still Born Photography

Although a hard topic to discuss, still born births are common and just as special as any other birth we work on. Courtney is our birth photographer and is glad to help you through the entire process whether it be as a shoulder to cry on or as comic relief in a very stressful time. We understand how valuable every moment with your little one is and want to help you freeze this moment in time to look back on in the future.