#BITR Masks

Quirky Skulls

This beautifully unique mask features gold metallic sugar skulls. You really cannot get much cuter and edgy than these adorable masks.


All About Creativity

"Never stop creating." This mask is perfect for the creative in your life. Someone who wants to show off their creative energy through this gorgeous white and gold metallic mask.


Wild at Heart

This whimsical mask features woodland patterns with a hint of gold metallic detail. Every mask is different with this beautifully unique fabric.


Lips & Lashes

This lightweight mask offers breathability with a super cute, fashionable design. We recommend this mask for those that usually struggle with the weight of a double layer cotton mask.


Hair Artist

Don't be afraid to show the whole world how amazing your career is by sporting one of these antique scissor masks. Combining class with a little bit of fun, these masks are great for showing off a bit of personality while still looking professional.


Blissful, Joyful, Us.

In times like this we need to be reminded of those around us that care about us. This metallic gold and grey mask is too cute to not wear out to any special event!


Summer Garden

This reversible metallic mask is unique and glittery, what more could you want? Each mask is different so there will be no second mask quite like yours.


All masks are handmade by Amanda herself. These masks are not medical masks. They are double sided cotton, washable, fabric masks. They do not have any wire or filter pockets.

How to Order

Get in touch with us to place your order. Shipping is available for an additional $7.00/order.