Pricing Guide

Sculpted Gel

Sculpted gel set $65(+)
Fill $45(+)
Gel removal $20(+)
Artificial nail removal $30(+)
Polish change $20(+)
Nail fix $4(+)/nail

prices vary


Overlay $35(+)
Gel polish $25(+)
Gel removal $20(+)
Polish change $20(+)
Nail fix $4(+)/nail

Prices vary


Can you change your colour during a nail fill appointment?

Fills are the time to change your entire nail design, it just takes less time due to already having a sculpted nail on.

Is gel damaging to your nails?

It is less damaging than acrylic, but yes. Fusing anything to your nails can damage the integrity of the nail. Is it irrepairable or permanent? Absolutely not, it only takes 3 months for an entire nail to regrow.

What can I do to make my nails last longer?

Use cuticle oil once per day. Kamloops is dry and you need to accommodate for that.
Do NOT use your nails as a tool. This is the quickest way to get lifting and breaking.

Do you do pedicures?

Currently we do not offer pedicures, but we do recommend our neighbours Chateau De Nails for your next pedi!